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PEB,Pre Engineered Buildings Manufacturers,Service providers in Hyderabad

Pre engineered buildings are factory-built buildings of steel that are shipped to site and bolted together. What distinguishes them from other buildings is that the contractor also designs the building - a practice called design & build. This style of construction is ideally suited to industrial buildings and warehouses; it is cheap, very fast to erect, and can also be dismantled and moved to another site - more on that later. These structures are sometimes called 'metal boxes' or 'tin sheds' by laymen - they are essentially rectangular boxes enclosed in a skin of corrugated metal sheeting. Great speed is achieved because while the foundations and floor slab are being constructed, the beams and columns - the structural system - are being fabricated in the factory. Once the foundations and floor are done, the columns are shipped to the site, lifted into place by cranes, and bolted together.

PEB,Pre Engineered Building Applications -Topaz Fabrications and Engineering sheds

Various Applications Of Pre Engineered Buildings Are As Mentioned Below:

PEB Manufacturers,Service providers in Hyderabad -Topaz Fabrications and Engineering sheds

  • PEB For Industrial Purpose -Topaz Fabrications
  • Factories
  • Workshops
  • Warehouses
  • Cold stores
  • Car parking sheds
  • Slaughter houses

PEB For Commercial Purpose -Topaz Fabrications

  • Showrooms
  • Distribution centers
  • Supermarkets
  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Service stations

PEB For Institutional Purpose -Topaz Fabrications

  • Institutional Schools
  • Exhibition halls
  • Hospitals
  • Theaters
  • Auditoriums & many more places.